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How are you feeling as you finish up your first full week of 2019? Maybe a little sluggish after indulging over the holidays? If you’re like us, we’re looking to get back on track after too much of the good stuff in December. We’re choosing to embrace trends and employ fitness tech to help us achieve our goals in 2019.

Wearable Fitness Tech

fitness tech
NASA science contributes to a new sports bra

Wearable fitness tech presents an exhausting array of ways to step into, strap on and become one with our bodies. This year wearable tech is a top fitness trend and it’s offering up more than the ubiquitous smartwatch. Try this on for size: a sports bra that uses NASA technology. The Reebok PureMove Bra uses a substance called Shear-thickening fluid (STF), the same stuff used in space suits. STF adjusts to your workout, solidifying during a high-impact class and liquefying when your movements are slow. That means you get both support and comfort in one piece of gear. Pretty ingenious.

For a super subtle and stylish take on fitness tech, there’s the Motiv Ring. Say goodbye to cumbersome and outfit-clashing wrist-worn fitness trackers! Just slip on this ring to monitor your activity levels and sleep cycle. Paired with the app, you can design a fitness program that syncs your data automatically. Adjust daily targets to meet weekly goals. It’s the Big Brother of fitness—always watching. This waterproof titanium ring has a charge that lasts three days.

If you’re more into broadcasting to the world about your fitness routine, you can try the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) suit. Although endorsed by supermodels and elite athletes, many say this suit is just a gimmick. It makes us think of Dr. Ho and late night television.

In the Gym

fitness tech
Use your Apple watch for better workouts

If you have an Apple Watch, you may be interested in the Apple GymKit. Working out at a club equipped with NFC readers and the GymKit software, you can do a kind of Wonder Twin Powers activation. Sync your watch with a piece of equipment and get a more accurate set of data than either would give you on its own. For example, an actual calorie burn as opposed to what’s on the machine which is usually way off. Just tap on the equipment sensor to connect—the machine and watch will start communicating. Users claim this fitness tech is a lot like using Apple Pay. Only certain equipment is compatible with GymKit available at select clubs in Canada. Tap on and declare form of a super cut athlete!

At Home

Pelonton has been called the “Netflix of Fitness”. Buy one of their Internet-connected stationary bikes with a giant touchscreen attached to it and join what’s known as the Pelonton Community. Classes from a New York studio are live-streamed into your living room throughout the day or choose a class on-demand and workout whenever you want. The workouts are well-shot, well-produced and taught by pros. It’s a slick fitness tech package and people are eager to get that group class feel in the comfort of their own homes.

fitness tech
Get that group class feel at home

Pelonton has been available in Canada since October. There are three Toronto-area showrooms where you can check out the bikes and related equipment or you can order online. Just be ready to shell out more than three thousand dollars. Between the bike, the shoes and the membership, it’s an investment.


On the other end of the fitness tech price spectrum are apps. Whether you’re using an app to count steps, track calories or motivate your workouts with a killer playlist, there are some good ones out there. Base your selection on fitness goals or even personal goals. If you need the convenience of an on-demand routine or only have seven minutes to dedicate to a workout, you have options. You can even satisfy that other resolution you made to give back with an app such as Charity Miles: for every mile you run, bike or walk, someone else is also benefitting. Now that’s motivation!

Time to Get Moving!

With all this great fitness tech, we hope you’re encouraged to get off the couch in 2019. You know what else burns calories? Making great videos. Past fitness clients have kept us moving and we’re always looking for an excuse to pick up our cameras and run with an idea. Call us today for a free quote on your next video.

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