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Case Study:Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc.


Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc. came to Keywest in search of a new and innovative way to showcase their company. They wanted to show their clients, among others, exactly what services and products they provided in a captivating and creative way. The company was well aware of the fact that they could merely list their products and services on their website in hopes that people would read it, but they were ready to take their company’s image to another level and spice things up!

Here at Keywest, we knew that we had to deliver an exceptional and interesting production to Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc. while ensuring that their company’s message was clear and unhindered. We met with them and got to know their brand on a personal level since we know all too well that it is crucial to understand exactly what our clients do, especially if we’re the ones in charge of relaying the message to the audience.

We quickly learned that we were not only showcasing Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc.’s unique products and services, but also their employees, values, and, most importantly, their philanthropic work. We took it upon ourselves to come up with an exciting and captivating production that showcased every single aspect of Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc.


First things first: products and services. We had to inform the audience of the products and services in an interesting way that was not only educational, but also engaging. We showcased Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc.’s warehouse space, locations, top manufacturers, reputable clientele. In addition, the video illustrated that the company sold industrial and hydraulic hose products, and that they specialized in rubber and stainless hoses, fittings, gauges, and clamps. There was plenty of dynamic and interesting footage of the actual products, the manufacturing process, and the specific industries in which their products were utilized.

Next, we showcased the company’s more valuable assets, such as the fact that they are full service. It is important that their customers know that they are a full service company, carrying specialty products and offering customized solutions to their clients. It was also important to include information about the company’s experienced staff, excellent customer service, and long list of certifications. The video included footage depicting the interactions between employees in all aspects of the business, as well as their relationships with clients, providing the audience with a more personal connection to the business and the way in which they function.

The final production also included a more personal side to Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc. by showcasing their philanthropic work – it ends with a segment on their involvement with the Diabetes Hope Foundation and what their generous contributions have led to.

Finally, the video ends off strong by stating that Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc. is dedicated to delivering the best product with superior technical and sales support to their clients.

Fluid Hose & CouplingKeywest provided these services for:
Bobby Pasternak
Senior Outside Sales Representative
Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc.

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Case Study: Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc.
Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Case Study: Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc.

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