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Why Fonts Are So Important in Corporate Video Production

Ever wonder why people pay so much attention to fonts?

It isn’t because they look pretty. Fonts play a pretty significant role in how we interpret content based on how visually appealing it is.

Why Fonts Are So Important in Corporate Video Production
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In the past, we’ve talked about the importance of typography in corporate video. Typography is often used as an umbrella term for fonts and typefaces. Typically involving the sizes and colours, typography is used in content marketing to accentuate a particular “look” on billboards, TVs, and computer screens. It speaks to the company’s cultural climate. “Fun loving” typography is sometimes animated, bolded, and brightly coloured, to highlight the youth or vibrant culture of a company. Older-looking, sharper, or more stencil lettering is sometimes used for older establishments.

Under that umbrella, we have typeface and fonts. Typeface is used to describe a particular “type” of letter design, and typically groups different types of fonts together. One example of this might be the various different types of the font “Arial” (Arial Narrow, Bold, Condensed etc.).

Font, on the other hand, is the exact type of typeface. It is usually used to describe a type of lettering based on its style, width, slant, and italicization. Fonts say a lot about the way we interpret brands. They are an expression of an emotion, feeling, vibe, or texture and are often the difference between professionalism and amateurism when consumers first come into contact with a brand.

They’re the reason why Comic Sans MS is used for comic books, and Times New Roman is reserved for university essays.

In other words, fonts can make or break your company’s advertisement.

When it comes to video advertising, a lot of people lean towards the Garamonds and Futuras of the font world. These particular fonts are used largely because of their clean, simple look and universal appeal. If your company image fits this young, chic aesthetic, then simpler fonts are the way to go.

At Key West Video, we understand the need for the rights font(s) to fit your brand. Whether it is a live-action video campaign or an animated short or spot, we work with our clients to service their needs. Check out our website today!

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