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Freelance work is hard and it can definitely get discouraging at times when the gigs aren’t flowing in. Every production is different and sometimes when there are roles that need to be filled, production companies will reach out to freelancers to fill in those gaps. There are a few qualities that will get production companies calling you back whenever openings are available. To have the most diverse, and fruitful career, keep reading to find out what we look for when reaching out to freelancers.


freelance communication on set

This is first on the list because we think it’s the most important. Productions are full of various amounts of crew and having a great personality is really going to help you get well adjusted with the crowd. Good communication and a passion for being on set are vital. The more of a team player you are, the more likely the in-house crew will recommend you as their freelancer of choice. Working well with others, and bringing a positive influence to the set is always something we look for when we select our freelancers.

Your Skillset

When you apply to be a freelancer on a gig make sure your materials highlight your skillset. Everyone is different, so if we’re shooting a corporate address and you don’t have any of that material on your reel, we most likely won’t consider you for that job. Putting together specialized reels so that we can see how diverse your portfolio is will really help you stand on. Do you have any special skills/certifications that make you a better fit for the gig? For example, do you have a drone pilot license? Things like that are great to include in your application.

Availabilityfreelance availability

Being available when we call is a big part of what makes you hireable for a gig. However, sometimes that’s a draw of luck if you just happen to not be available a few times in a row. When a freelancer is unavailable, we love it when they offer to help us search for reputable talent, or give us recommendations. Similarly, if we book you for a gig, and then you find a better gig or have an emergency, offering a capable replacement will give you a gold star in our books.

How Much Will it Cost Us?

All productions cost something different since no two productions are the same. Even if we love your work, and you’ve got everything sometimes it just comes down to the client’s budget. We also love it when freelancers allow us flexibility. Knowing their flexibility means we’ll not only do these have all of the qualities above, but they’re willing to help us out, and in turn, we keep calling them back at their regular rates. At the end of the day the above three qualities definitely take precedent over this one, so keep that in mind.

Freelance can be a great way to work since you can decide how often or not you take a gig. It’s also a great way of getting a wide breadth of experience to add to your portfolio, making you everyone’s top pick, regardless of what the shoot is!

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