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Fundraising Through Corporate Video

There are many types of corporate videos. One example of a corporate video is a  fundraising video. Here are some ways nonprofits can use video to draw attention to and finance their causes.

Tell a Story

Fundraising Through Corporate Video
A good story connects with donors

Tell a story and make an emotional connection with your audience. Use one specific example, or use several stories woven into a single video. Via an anecdote, the viewer is able to connect a face or faces to the cause and feel that emotional pull. Having people directly affected by an organization speaking to camera can be very powerful. The one thing you want to avoid is making a testimonial sound scripted or rehearsed. As long as you’re asking the right questions, the subject will be able to tell their story in the answers.

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Explain the Cause

Use the video to explain yourself and your organization. If you’re trying to raise funds for a new or lesser-known cause, this is a good approach. Clearly state what it is the organization does, how the funds will be used and be sure to include a call to action. A Call to Action, or CTA, is the part of your video that tells the audience how to get involved—an essential part of a fundraising video.

Origin Story

An offshoot of the kind of video that introduces your organization is the origin story. Tell the viewer how your philanthropy was born. This approach often features the person who was affected so profoundly by whatever it is they’re now championing, they had to act. That which motivated the founder may also motivate viewers.

A good story connects with donors
An origin story can connect emotionally

Statistically Speaking

While personal stories are a good way to make an emotional connection, statistics can be truly eye-opening. Your audience may have no idea that some poor mothers can’t clothe their premature babies or families with physically-challenged children lack access to appropriate playgrounds. Telling the viewer about these issues that need support, and backing them up with statistics, can be impactful. This kind of video is part awareness and part education.

Funds in Action

Show the funds you’re raising in action. Volunteer footage, event footage and  beneficiary footage speaks volumes. People like to know what they’re getting for their donation and seeing the money at work is a powerful incentive.


Recruit the services of a spokesperson. This is a tried-and-true method. If your cause is fortunate enough to have a backer who is recognizable, and that person is willing to appear on-camera, go for it!


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