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How Futuristic Does Your Corporate Video Need To Be?

A lot of companies are forward-thinkers – but are they futuristic?

There’s a difference between being a forward thinker and being futuristic.

Forward thinkers think, well, forward. They plan ahead. They budget their time, energy, and resources. Futuristic thinkers, however, are a little different. They’re the ones who imagine an alternate life for their futures and think as though there is no creative box.

When it comes to corporate video, it can be tough to decide which you’d like to focus on. Forward-thinking videos plan ahead to accommodate new changes. This can mean making generic videos with all-purpose claims so that when companies make changes (policy, product or service) customers can’t complain. Futuristic videos, however, imagine a future with advanced technologies and ideas. They present the viewer with an alternate reality. They represent possibility.

Futuristic videos are for avant-garde companies with fast-moving technology. They often include the latest tech companies, car companies, software companies, and design companies. They’re innovative, intricate, and spectacular to look at.

It’s only natural their corporate videos would follow suit.

How Futuristic Does Your Corporate Video Need To Be?
Photo credit: Refractious via / CC BY-NC-ND

For companies with advanced technologies (and creative budgets), this type of corporate video would be ideal. It highlights the possibilities of the product or service and plants a seed of wonder in the viewer’s mind. They begin to think, “well, what if?” What if that car moved? That pencil wrote on its own? That design appeared out of thin air? What could be the possibilities?

These types of corporate video can potentially serve as the blueprint for your brand’s next product. After all, the creative idea for the video came from your creative mind? Perhaps the future is closer than you think.

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