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Giving Feedback on Creative Projects

Key West Video works for the corporate world in a creative capacity. To some extent, that’s a dichotomy. We have projects that are straight-up talking heads looking down the lens. These are simple, easy to execute projects. Other times, we’re asked to conceptualize a creative way to convey information. This gives us a chance to flex our creative muscle and we appreciate that. Either way, we’re working with clients who are giving us feedback. Our projects are a collaboration. How that feedback is given and received makes a difference for all involved.

Constructive Feedback

If you see something in your video that just doesn’t work, let us know. You understand your audience better than anyone and you know if the video is speaking to them or missing the mark. If we aren’t clearly conveying your message, it’s time for some fixes.

Objective vs. Subjective Feedback

Giving Feedback on Creative Projects
Objective feedback is based on facts

Objective feedback is fact-based. Did we say your product is waterproof but it’s not? Are we showing a u-joint when the voiceover says elbow joint? Do we use a shot that implies children are running your store and that’s untrue? Each of these examples has an error that needs to be fixed.

Subjective feedback is a little different. Maybe you don’t like the shot order we used. Perhaps the name font comes in too early in your opinion. You might ask for a talking head to be covered by b-roll. To be clear, this still falls under the kind of feedback we welcome. The thing to remember is that the whole idea of feedback is to move the project forward.

Insider Info

There are many facets of video production unfamiliar to clients. Sometimes when we send videos for review, we receive comments on elements that are out of our control or are just temporary issues. A few examples below.

  •             Production music often has an audio watermark, which is a voice heard in the background. Once the project is finalized, the music will be purchased and we’ll have access to a clean track.
  •             The same kind of watermark appears on stock footage until the project is finalized and we purchase the clean video.
  •             Voice-over scratch tracks are used in the early stages of an edit. These are replaced by a professional voice-over, chosen by the client, as the project nears completion.
  •             Animated projects start with a storyboard. This is a chance for the client to see and approve the style of animation. At this stage, the pictures will be stills and not actual animations.
  •             If we speed up a long speech to save time, the person will sound like a chipmunk.
  •             Asking us to reduce a file size for whatever reason will result in a loss of quality.
  •             If you want us to push in on a shot, we can do that in editing. However, we can’t zoom out beyond the framing of the original shot. There’s simply no information there—that’s all the picture we have.

One Video, One Voice

Giving Feedback on Creative Projects
Consolidate office feedback to avoid delays

Please, please consolidate your feedback. We always ask this of clients and it’s really and truly the best and most efficient way to proceed. Otherwise, we get an email at 8 a.m. asking us to remove the first shot of the president. Then we get a call at 10 a.m. telling us to change the opening graphic. In the afternoon, we’re instructed to replace the music. At the end of the day, everybody could end up surprised because these changes weren’t discussed as a group. It makes more work for all of us if you don’t agree on a course of action as a unit before sending that decision our way. Thanks in advance.

Express Yourself

Some clients find it difficult to express what they’re after in a video. They need to see a cut before they know what they like and what they don’t like. In an effort to help you express yourself, we often provide examples of our work or the work of others to see if we’re on the right track. We also ask clients to send us any videos they like so we have a better idea of how they envision their final video. It helps us if you do your best to articulate what you want to include and what you want to avoid.

Giving Feedback on Creative Projects
Your feedback gives us ideas

In the video production industry, you develop a thick skin. We’re not offended if you don’t like our work. I mean, we’d rather that you love it, but we understand. With all projects, it’s our goal to give you a video that effectively delivers your message and looks pretty darn good, too. Some projects take a lot of back-and-forth to get there, but rest assured that we will get there.

No, Really. Talk to Us!

It’s important that we understand what you want. Tell us why you don’t like something—help us understand the problem so we can propose a solution. You can also tell us why you like something and maybe we can do more of the same elsewhere. The better we grasp your point of view, the better chance we have of delivering the project you want.


At Key West Video, we welcome as much client input as you’ll give us. We’re often learning about your product, industry or business for the first time. The more information we have, the better we can do presenting it to your audience. Call us today for a free quote on your next video.

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