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TrueMove H Ad goes viral with over 3.5 million viewers… in less than 5 days.

30 years later, a random act of kindness is returned.

Here is an example of how using emotion in videos is one of the strongest tools when it comes to selling products. The new ad by TrueMove H mobile phone is a complete tear-jerker.

Warning: Watch with a box of tissues handy. 

The video begins with a poor boy caught stealing painkillers from a pharmacy. Another store owner sees this and pays for what the boy has stolen (painkillers for his sick mother), along with giving him some veggie soup. Thirty years pass by and the store owner falls ill, leaving his family with a shocking $25,000 medical bill to pay. Out of desperation, his daughter attempts to sell their home. In a later scene, she wakes up in her father’s hospital room to find a new medical bill in front of her, but with the total amounting to $0. She reads the note attached to it, which says “All expenses paid 30 years ago with 3 packs of painkillers and a bag of veggie soup.”

We later find out that the doctor in the video was the little boy from 30 years ago.

At the end of the video the tagline is “giving is the best communication”.

TrueMove H said they based this video on the reflection of their brand’s beliefs: giving without expecting anything in return.

Based on that belief, TrueMove H is dedicated to providing the Thai communication market with newer technology-oriented services and products as well as an easier access to the latest technologies, which allows for a greater opportunity and an enhancement of a better life for people in Thailand.

They did a very good job of communicating their message in this video. One of the elements they used very well was emotion. It definitely captivated and connected the audience to the video.

When it comes to corporate videos, using emotion is always a great tool. When you cause your audience to feel, they are more likely to remember your video, and what you had to say. Check out this previous blog post on how to utilize the emotion in video.

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