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Should Your Company Invest in a Google Doodle Video?

A Google Doodle is a part of what makes Google interesting.

A Google doodle is a special, yet temporary, alteration of Google’s logo on its main page.

It changes frequently. It often accommodates holidays, major global events, achievements, and people. First started in 1998 in honour of the Burning Man Festival, Google doodes can serve as a notice for information about particular historical events.

With an obvious global reach, the benefits of a Google doodle are pretty obvious. Wide audience. Cool concepts. Relevancy. Google has more than just links with information. They’ve now branched out to video and interactive online games.

Google doodles are a fun way to engage with an audience. If an event is big enough (and an opportunity to educate the masses), it might be a good idea to make a connection with the search engine. For example, this year’s Canada’s 150th anniversary would’ve been a great opportunity for Indigenous-owned companies to collaborate with Google for a PSA or campaign video. Various companies can benefit from using the world’s largest search engine as a platform for their message, their history, their story, and their overall brand.

Should Your Company Invest in a Google Doodle Video?
Photo credit: Juancho 507 via / CC BY

More often than not, the doodles are in some sort of timely fashion. This means they occur on a specific date usually in commemoration of something. This may appeal to larger companies who have years and years of public service. It’s easier to reach an already built-in audience with a widely recognized brand that is trusted worldwide.

Now, this isn’t method isn’t for everyone. It would be ideal for brands whose product or services are more known than its actual name. This way, a doodle is able to draw light to more information surrounding that company.

Overall, it comes to budget and how much an established company or corporation is able to shell out to have their brand marketed worldwide.

Here at Key West Video, we work with top-tier clients to ensure their brand is as marketable as possible. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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