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Google Glass is smart eyewear that helps you get exactly what you want, at that moment. Find out more about the device’s photo and video quality.

Google Glass has received raves for its slick, comfortable design, easily taken hands-free photos, Google Now, head-tracking Navigation, and the fact that it’s a great conversation starter. However, the device also had criticism for its outrageously expensive price, the length of its battery life, lighting for its five-megapixel photos, and a limited number of applications.

Google Glass
Google Glass

For those who are wondering about the video quality of the device, it can shoot up to 720p, 640 x 360 resolution, and the screen size is equal to a 25-inch HDTV. The videos shareable on YouTube and the contacts of Google+ Hangouts.

Here are a few examples of videos filmed on Google Glass which showcase the quality and the concept of how Google Glass is able to be incorporated into making memories and sharing them with everyone around the world via the internet.

On a more comedic front, here’s a viral video by TheFineBros which highlights the reaction of elders using Google Glass:

Glass can capture emotional, memorable, and hilarious moments. It’s the new generation of capturing and photographing memorable moments hands-free. Check out all the technical information about Glass where people share their honest opinions about the video and photo quality.

Google Glass Photo Quality
Google Glass Photo Quality

Some people weren’t too impressed with the product since it couldn’t deliver decent quality lighting, while others were very satisfied with the quality in both video and photo. Nevertheless, #GoogleGlass is known as a high-end product which has its quirks and raves.

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