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Google is the go-to for many of our questions in life. Instead of asking somebody, we generally just type it into Google and have our questions answered in an instant.

What if Google weren’t some all-knowing Interweb algorithm, but rather a harried office worker in a soul-sucking office with file cabinets full of information that has to be manually distributed? Would you be able to look into a real person’s eyes as you ask all of the silly and perverted questions you ask Google? And how would he respond to you?

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What if Google were a person?

Google doesn’t judge us. We can ask the stupidest question possible with the worst wording imaginable, and the search engine will miraculously spew out the answer we were looking for (most of the time). College Humor has dreamed up what it would be like if Google was a real dude and we all had to walk into an office and ask our questions again and again but without anonymity.

Warning: the video below contains curse words… probably best to watch it with headphones on.

We constantly Google things like “what time is it in Brazil?” or “what should I tweet about,” or “red butt rash,” hoping that Google has the answers to all of our queries. We ask from our phones, our tablets, our computers, and we tweak the search until we unearth what we’re searching for.

How would you feel if you had to actually ask these questions to a real person, unable to hide behind the anonymity of your mobile device? Would you still be comfortable asking another person about your high school sweetheart? Would you be willing to admit that you don’t know the difference between an inch and a foot? Do you think you’d be brave enough to inquire about that awkward rash you keep getting?

Let Keywest know if you’d be brave enough to ask Google the person!

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