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Here at Keywest we recently did a search for models for use in an upcoming corporate video. We needed hand models due to the fact that their hands would be a focus throughout the series of videos. When requesting submissions, unfortunately what we received was not what we were expecting.

We had a project where the client needed a #model to showcase a wide variety of items in their showroom. Some shots would be full body, while others would focus on a close-up of the product, and in a lot of situations the models hand would be used to hold and highlight the products features. That is why we went in search of hand models which we could also utilize for full body shots.

Instead of going directly to a #modelling agency and requesting hand models, we decided we wanted to first engage with models and actresses that we had worked with previously and knew would be great for the role. Our thought being, we knew they were capable of the other aspects which the shoot required, and how hard could it be to find a beautiful woman who also had a well manicured set of hands?

Once submissions started rolling in we discovered that it wasn’t as easy as we initially thought to find women who had a great look for the role, and yet also had the capability of being as flawless as professional hand models. However, some of this we believed was due to the fashion in which women were photographing their hands. Therefore, I decided to provide some photo examples, to give aspiring corporate and commercial models an idea of how to position yourself to put your best foot, or hand rather, forward.

Of course I could put a bunch of glamorous, professionally shot hand photos to show you the best possible scenario, but of course that wouldn’t be fair, or useful even. So instead I used my own hands (I am no professional here), and simply took some photos on my iphone. Just like we asked the girls submitting photos to do, something simple and quick so we could get back to our client as soon as possible. Here are some of our Do’s and Don’ts after reviewing all of the submissions.

DO: Have well manicured nails

photo 2

DON’T: Spread your fingers wide and create a stretch in your skin

photo 1

DO: Rest your hands naturally and show off your nails and hand shape

photo 4

DON’T: Fold your fingers over to form a claw

photo 3

And Lastly..

Do: Show your hands in action, like they would actually be used on-set

photo 6

When it comes to male hand models, has a great post on modelling tips for guys. Under the hands portion they advise,

“When it comes to hands, they have to be flawless (no scars) with smooth skin and short, clean, even nails. As body hair is not very popular in the modeling industry, your hands shouldn’t be too hairy. The shape of your hands is also very important.”

I hope this guide was helpful, and will aid you hand models out there for future casting calls, and with your submissions. Got any tips or tricks of you own?! Let us know in the comments section below.


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