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Handheld projectors are not a new invention by any means; however thanks to TouchPico, interactive handheld projectors are.

TouchPico Interactive Handheld Projectors
TouchPico Interactive Handheld Projectors

TouchPico from TouchJet offers a new handheld projector that boasts the ability to turn any flat surface into an interactive screen.

The small, white hand-sized device comes with a pen-like stylus and takes a regular 854 x 480 pico-projector – capable of projecting up to an 80-inch image at 150 lumens – and loads Android 4.2 on it. One end of the pen-like stylus, which is not attached to the projector, has an infrared switcher. The projector includes an infrared camera, which means it can track the movement of the pen in front of TouchPico’s screen. This allows you to interact with any on-screen objects with taps and gestures. TouchPico also includes HDMI and audio out ports; its built-in Wi-Fi can be used with Android’s Screencast technology. The projector runs off standard AC power.

In addition, there’s an auto-calibration system which, after initial setup, can keep the touch and projection layers synchronized even if you move the projector closer or further away from the wall. It’ll even keep working if the projection is at an angle.

Touchscreen handheld projectors like TouchPico can have a multitude of uses, especially for the traveling businessperson. Many of us store a great deal of content on our smartphones and a portable interactive projection screen could save plenty of time when it comes to presentation preparation and setup.

In our experience, there have been several instances in which presentations have not quite gone smoothly due to technical glitches or device incompatibility. Devices such as the TouchPico can remedy such issues, as it is automatically compatible with your device and ready to go when you are.

Take a look at this TouchPico review:

Tell us what you think of interactive handheld projectors. Will they benefit you and your business?

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