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Headshots are just for actors, right? Wrong! All sorts of people use headshots. From real estate agents to models to business professionals, a great headshot can make a great impression.

Why Get Professional Headshots?

I guess you could use that picture taken on your last birthday. After all, it was flattering and in focus—what more do you need? Stop this thinking right now and look into professional photography! Spending a little time and money is well worth the investment. Having a high-quality picture that you can use for several years is the goal. Put it up on your company website, use it for professional networking or update your social media profile.

headshots with cameras
Capture your personality with a great headshot

A headshot is your calling card. People are forming impressions of you based on the image, so it’s important to get it right. A cheap shot with bad lighting makes you look like you don’t care. A picture that doesn’t look like you is misleading and can be confusing or create an unrealistic expectation. Your goal should be a photograph that looks professional and polished.

What’s Important?

Framing, lighting, and background are important. Most headshots include head and shoulders, but may be wide enough to include your torso. Any wider removes focus from your face. Your background should be neutral so that nothing distracts from the subject. It’s not about the technicolor sunset, it’s about you! Proper lighting and a professional camera will result in a clear, sharp shot with good depth of field.

When it comes to clothing, dress professionally. Wear whatever speaks to your position and dress as if you were going to work or meeting clients. Avoid costumes, even if you’re an actor. You don’t want to pigeonhole or limit yourself. For more tips on what to wear, check out one of our past blogs.

Working with a photographer that makes you comfortable is vital. Ask around, read reviews and look at work samples when you’re hunting for the perfect person to capture your image. A headshot should show your personality, so use someone who will take the time to get to know a bit about you and how you plan to use the photograph.

lighting can make a good headshot
Lighting contributes to a good headshot

Give us a Shot

Headshots are one of the services we offer at Key West Video. Call us today for a quote and see what a great headshot can do for you.

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