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The Relationship Between Heart-Warming Videos and Corporate Video

After all, who can say no to a good heart-warming video?

Heart-warming videos are the things that keep us going.

They’re the stuff that makes us ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over cute puppy and baby videos. They make us remember the small, important moments in life. They’re also a great way to grab people’s attention.

A heart-warming video, or emotional video, really drive a message home. In the past, we’ve spoken about how pathos can affect your corporate message. It shows a company’s relatability to its audience and is a great way to connect with them. These types of videos are usually in the form of PSAs or “feel good” commercials for home appliances or products.

The Relationship Between Heart-Warming Videos and Corporate Video
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Many will find that though audiences need to be engaged on a reasonable, or logical level (especially in order to respond to a call of action), they also need to be engaged on a more personal level as well.

For some, it’s not just about purchasing product or appliances. It’s not just about the brand or service. Heart-warming videos remind us that we’re human and answer the ‘why’ in our product choices.

Consumers want to know that they’re supporting a brand that aligns with their lifestyles, beliefs, and core values. For many, it’s about putting their money where their heart is and understanding the values/mission statements of the companies they support. This especially goes for supporting nonprofit organizations with specific stances on social justice issues. Viewers and audiences want to know how they can tangibly get involved.

The purposes of corporate videos vary. However, corporate videos made to sell or advertise specifically to consumers need to understand the purchasing patterns, values, and overall pathos motivators when creating heart-warming, endearing content.

Here at Key West Video, our goal is to make the best corporate video suited to each of our clients. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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