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Heineken’s latest advertising campaign involves an interesting social experiment that uses a payphone and comedian Fred Armisen as a form of interactive marketing.

#Heineken, the famous Dutch brewery, joined forces with Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen to create a #SocialExperiment that challenges people to interrupt their daily routines. Part of the brand’s global “Cities of the World” campaign, this interesting social experiment, appropriately titled “Routine Interruptions”, yielded some entertaining results. Take a look below!

Renowned comedian Fred Armisen anonymously calls a New York City public pay phone in hopes that an innocent citizen walking by will pick it up. He keeps his identity shielded, while asking people to “come across the street.” If the person answering the phone agrees to do what Fred says they get to experience a once in a lifetime night on stage with Fred. Those who were brave enough to answer the call and walk into the unknown were rewarded with a unique experience.

Those who obliged and accepted a stranger’s invitation to “come across the street” — and only a handful of people did out of thousands that passed by the phone, according to Heineken — were invited on stage with Mr. Armisen at the Comedy Cellar comedy club on MacDougal Street.

Ad Age states:

As part of the campaign, Heineken will encourage people to enter their phone numbers at The brand promises to call “thousands” of entrants, asking people to partake in an unknown activity. The events are described as “cultural activities that inspire them to try something new.” Examples of rewards could include a private concert in a living room.

The beer giant’s aim is to use these unique social experiments to pull the constantly busy and the on-the-go city dwellers out of their demanding daily routines. Social experiments such as these generate a great deal of conversation and are an excellent #InteractiveMarketing tool.

Heineken Social Experiment - Would you answer the call?
Heineken Social Experiment – Would you answer the call?

Would you have answered the #RingingPayphone? If yes, would you have gone across the street?

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