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Copywriter for hire

Today our neighbours south of the border are observing national grammar day. But for copywriters, every day is grammar day. Hiring a professional writer is the best way to make sure your marketing and business copy reaches your target market with the intended message. You could write your own copy, but here are five compelling reasons to consider using a copywriter.

Web Content

Your website is often the first contact you have with a potential customer. The writing on your site is important. No doubt the layout and UX of your website is important, too—it needs to function properly if you want to avoid people giving up and clicking away. But you also want to be able to make your products enticing and your services clear though text. A professional writer is also aware of things like white space. Leaving enough room to avoid overwhelming a visitor with a wall of text makes a difference. Using bullet points, pictures, and short sentences and paragraphs works best. This way, the reader can find what they’re looking for quickly and won’t be scared off by too much reading.

Social Media

Every business should have a social media presence. Customers expect to be able to find you on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Most people also expect companies using social media to respond to their customer service issues they flag online. There’s no denying that social media is part of doing business today.

Content with proper keywords boosts SEO

A copywriter providing social media content should understand SEO and best practices on the various platforms your company is using. You may use Twitter, but do you understand all the different functions of the app? Has your business created lists? Do you use the Chats or Moments features?

Blogs are huge these days. They’re SEO content and an effective way to build customer trust through a show of knowledge. More and more businesses are hiring writers for their blogs. Most company blogs are short and informational and can be farmed out to a writer. Using the voice of your company, this person can speak to your audience about topics related to your business.

Scripting for Video

Scripting is something we’ve talked about extensively on this blog. A professional writer is an invaluable resource when it comes to video scripting. They know how to write for video. A writer’s job is to gather information about your message and your target audience and consider the best way to communicate with the viewer.

Often, a client will be too close to their project to see where scripting is falling short. Something that seems crystal clear to the person or persons involved in developing a script may not be thinking about how their audience will receive that information. A good script writer will convey ideas clearly, succinctly and in an engaging way.

Along with the storytelling inherent in any good script, a writer will also look after the language in a more general way. Our writer always reads scripts out loud because that makes redundant and unclear language obvious. Scripts often say the same thing repeatedly and a copywriter will figure out a way to use synonyms and perhaps metaphors to break up the language and keep things moving. The writer also keeps an eye on timing, because short videos are better received.

Write Right

Have a look at these two sentences. They’re saying the same thing, but one is passive and the other is active.

  • I really love this blog.
  • This blog is really loved by me.

Using active language brings writing to life. It’s easier to understand and more straightforward than a passive voice.

NO MORE CORPORATE SPEAK. The best corporate writing is conversational, especially when it comes to scripting. It’s also important for blogs. The person reading wants to feel included, not talked down to or lectured at.

Language should be tailored to the audience

When the subject matter is dense or difficult, it’s important to make sure your audience can understand what they’re reading or hearing. By knowing the audience, a writer can scale their work to fit understanding. An article on the latest trend in computer programming written for programmers will look very different from one written for consumers. There’s a difference between jargon and terminology. The former is specific to the field, the latter is understood by a wide audience. One is exclusive, the other is inclusive.

TIME AND EXPERIENCE. Professional copywriters write for a living. They have the training and experience to do the job. Assigning copywriting to a team member may not be realistic. Even an efficient writer may not have the time to dedicate to a project. Hiring a writer means they use their skills to focus on your copy because that’s what they’re being paid to do.

Finding a Good Copywriter

Look at a writer’s portfolio for work examples

A good, experienced copywriter will have a portfolio of their work. If you need someone to write a menu or you have a food website, the writer you hire will hopefully have some food-related work that you can evaluate. Although many writers are specialized—a medical writer probably has a science background and a tech writer may have a technical background—a good writer should be able to write about anything. Well-written copy is about presenting client information in a way that makes sense and is engaging. Working with a writer for the first time or tackling a new project may take a bit of back-and-forth. However, if you work with the same person on a regular basis, they’ll be able to produce the copy you want and need without a lot of direction.

Write for the Job

Some projects come with a writer. For example, Key West Video has a writer who takes care of scripting, content, proposals, and some ideation. If your project has a writing element, or you need some ideas for your video, we have someone you can work with. Call us today for a free quote.

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