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How Homemade Videos And Corporate Video Can Work Together

Homemade videos make our hearts warm.

Homemade videos can be shot on literally anything – from an iPhone to a camcorder – and still be as effective as a DSLR.

Apart from differences in quality, homemade videos make up for a large percentage of users looking for home entertainment.

They share key quality moments in a family. First steps. Birthdays. Holidays. Moments to never forget.

That’s why they’re so great to use in corporate video.

The point of a corporate video is to fulfill a corporate goal. It’s usually for educational purposes or to turn in some sort of profit for the company. Usually, a company has to fight to create a corporate video that is both personable, yet professional. A home video provides that perfect bridge between humanity and corporate culture. It humanizes an otherwise faceless brand and explores who a company or business is.

It takes us home with a figurehead.

Videos from a person’s past life can be used to supplement a corporate video or help tell a story. Through intercuts, a home-based video from the past can even be used to propel a story forward. If the brand is big enough, this can be a great way to lure audiences/viewers in.

This concept has been done many times. Though it’s not a corporate video, Beyonce had the right idea in this fun mashup of past meets future:

Through this combination of at-home footage and new video, she’s able to paint a beautiful picture in the story of her life. Likewise, brands can also learn how to use their employees’ past to better inform a bright corporate video future.

Here at Key West Video, we leave no stone unturned. We consider all options when mapping out creative concepts for corporate video. For more information about the services we provide visit our website today!

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