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‘How To’ Videos Can be a Great Way to Promote Your Product in These Top 3 Circumstances

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So, you have a new fabulous product and you need to promote it to your target market. You ask yourself what the best way to get this new product out into the public sphere is, and you don’t quite know the answer. There are a variety of avenues to choose when it comes to creating a promotional video for your new product, but some options are better than others. When is a ‘How To’ style of video relevant and engaging, and therefore the right choice? Here are our choices for the top 3 reasons your product would work well with a ‘How To’ video.

1) Complicated Product

If you have a product that you cannot simply explain in under thirty seconds, then a ‘How To’ video could be the best route for your promotional video. The attention span of consumers is decreasingly short with so many different products and services now saturating the markets. Therefore, you don’t want your product to loose its value just because someone doesn’t take the time to understand the great benefits it can have for them.

In this case, by providing your potential consumers with a video which lays out the facts, and benefits of your product, you can be converting those viewers into purchasers instead of letting them slip away. You can show them how the product works, and therefore explain why they need it in their lives.

2) Older Demographic

When the target market for your product is over the age of 50, then a ‘How To’ style of video could be a great choice. The baby boomer demographic are more technical than their parents generation, yet still far behind the millennial babies of today. Individuals in their later years have less patience to figure out just what your product does and why it can be a benefit to them, and thus are easily distracted into buying into the most simple products on the market.

Technology is now such a major part of our lives, that everything from the automobiles, to watches to toasters, are now how-tech. If your product is tech-heavy, has a lot of bells & whistles or has a variety of different features, it could be lost on an older market. Which is why providing a video in conjunction with your product, which explains how it can simplify consumers lives instead of making them more confusing, can go a long way.

3) Do It Yourself Element

Products that rely heavily on the consumer constructing, setting-up or assembling things themselves in any capacity, would be a great candidate for a ‘How To’ video. This is the most obvious choice which warrants this type of descriptive video. In order to get consumers to purchase your product with a DIY element, you need to convince and show them just how easy it is.

Not in all cases though, is this DIY element refer solely to building or assembling something. In certain cases, it may just mean purchasers need to understand that the DIY element is simple for people to understand right off the bat. For instance, Keywest Video recently produced a video for a new tech product in the real estate market. The video was meant to showcase that the digital window sign was easy to use, quick and effective in enticing passersby to interact with the sign and its features. In this case study, we highlight just how effective this style of video was for them.

So when you are looking to promote your product, consider utilizing a ‘how to’ video to highlight it’s features, and showcase just how simple and easy to use your product really is.


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