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Case Study: Huawei: 5 Year Anniversary Video

The Challenge: Huawei Canada Anniversary Video:

Key West Video Inc. is proud to say that we have worked with Huawei Canada on several projects in the past. This time, Huawei required an informative and engaging video to commemorate their 5-year anniversary and showcase at their event. They were looking to create a video that documented their journey within the past 5 years, as well as illustrate their success and progress within the Canadian market. The video was to be shown at their 5-year anniversary event to remind staff (and everyone else) just how far the company has come in such a short period of time… and to thank everyone for their patience and dedication during the transition.

The Solution:

The final product was not only engaging but succinct and a reflection of Huawei Canada as a company. Keywest chose to juxtapose short interviews with staff alongside images from previous events, many of which were significant to Huawei Canada’s development. The staff interviews illustrated the company’s progression, as each interviewee had been present from the very beginning – when Huawei had made their transition to Canada back in 2008. The interviews showcase their dedicated staff, depict their incredible work ethic, and highlight the variety of skill sets that the employees possess. Interviewees are from various departments within the company, such as delivery and service, TAC support, billing/revenue, engineering, tax, operations, and finally the president. The interviews touch upon the future of Huawei, pivotal moments within the past five years, their approach to customer service, their views on teamwork, and their strategies for continuous improvement, etc. The final video provides the viewer with an informative look at Huawei Canada’s development from fruition to present day, celebrating their 5th year in Canada.

Key West Video Inc. -- Corporate Video Blog -- Huawei Canada
Key West Video Inc. — Corporate Video Blog — Huawei Canada

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