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Is Hulu The New Face of Television?

Hulu might change the way we watch TV. With the rise of video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Shomi, it seems like the streaming world is a little crowded. But with Hulu’s newest proposed feature, we might just change the way we watch television. Again.

Aside from new original programming, Hulu has now extended its services to live television programming.

But what does this mean?

Think TV bundles. Hulu is working with both cable and network TV channels to bring its subscribers its own live television. This almost sounds like it will be operating similarly to a skinny bundle. With this, users can use multiple channels – both cable and network – from a service provider for a discounted rate.

Hulu intends on becoming the future of online TV.

Is Hulu The New Face of Television?

It insists on describing watching television as an “experience”. In fact, the company describes the experience as a verb.

“TV-ing”, if you will.

With an emphasis on the personal experience of watching television, Hulu wants to establish itself as a hub for great content and forward-thinking.

One other advantage to this is advertisers. Ads make Hulu attractive to potential advertisers and investors. It also makes for curated commercials during shows. As a viewer, it is both a vice and a virtue; the streaming service includes commercials that benefit advertisers. This helps Hulu stay afloat as advertisements are put in place to offset the subscription cost of the service. Seems cool enough, right? The only plausible vice in this scenario is, again, the commercials. A bit bittersweet, new subscribers may not be expecting (or want to deal with) commercials like in regular programming.

Mashable goes on to mention that Hulu is already has a leg up on this, as it’s owned by major TV networks 21st Century Fox, Walt Disney Co., and NBCUniversal.

As the streaming company has only provided very basic broad strokes in terms of what their new services will entail, they now have the world’s ear as one of the first streaming services to really push the envelope.

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