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Answering the Call of FAQ

The internet is great at answering questions. It’s the reason you can type the beginning of a search and Google offers suggestions or predictions for the rest—you’re not the first to ask. Along the same lines, providing an FAQ will do wonders for your business.

Why it’s Good Practice to Answer FAQ

There is a long list of reasons to include an FAQ in your business plan. One of the most important has to do with sales. The right questions and answers can lead to more business. Educating your potential customers gives them the confidence to buy or use your product.

Answering FAQ helps both the customers and your employees

Making the effort to create a space for FAQ is well worth the effort. It shows that you value your customers and have taken the time to consider their questions and explain your product. Answering FAQ also shows that you value your employees. Instead of wasting work time answering the same queries repeatedly, an FAQ list can address the questions.

What to Include

Here are some ideas on what to include when it comes to FAQ:

  • What questions do customers most often ask? If a new question starts popping up, make sure you update the list.
  • What do you want every customer to know?
  • What are most customers surprised to hear about your business or product?
  • Be both specific, and general. Answer the question asked, but also take the opportunity to cover a little extra related information.
  • Start your list with the most popular questions. You could also divide FAQ into categories or create dedicated FAQ pages for different products.

FAQ Video

An FAQ video is great if you’re answering questions about a product.  A video allows you to both show and tell. If you’re getting a lot of questions about how to assemble your product or how to use it under certain conditions, providing visuals could save your customer from further frustration. A video can also be replayed or paused so the customer can see or review exactly what you’re saying and doing.

Answering a customer question on-camera helps you connect with clients

An FAQ video gives you a chance to really connect with existing customers and attract new customers. Try reading out FAQs you’ve received, mentioning customer names. Have a conversation with that person while also addressing everyone else with the same issue. This presents your business as customer-focused, which is never a bad thing. It’s also a chance to get various employees on-camera and show some of your company’s personality.

An FAQ video is a natural way to provide information on your product without resorting to a sales pitch. Instead of approaching the customer in an aggressive way and asking them to buy your product or service, you’re helping them by providing information they’ve requested. The customer has opened the door, so make the most of your time while you have their attention. Having said that, try to keep answers relatively short and don’t stray off topic. Make your response relevant to the question, even if it provides some extra information.


SEO gets a boost from video content

An FAQ page is an excellent place to include keywords, allowing your website to rank higher in searches. It’s also content, which satisfies the same purpose. Consider an FAQ a gimme on so many levels—it helps you, helps your employees and helps your customers. If you’d like to further boost your SEO,  consider creating an Infrequently Asked Questions format. This list could either be composed of questions customers hadn’t thought to ask, or more obscure information that’s still interesting.


Make sure you include contact information to go along with your FAQs. Let the customer know how they can get in touch, buy your product or learn more. Key West Video has an FAQ page with all sorts of information. But if you don’t find an answer to your question, give us a call directly. See what we did there?

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