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Indian Matchmaking is one of Netflix’s newest trending shows. The concept of matchmaking isn’t unique to Indian culture; however, it’s caused up a stir in the rest of the world.

About the Show

The show follows matchmaker Sima Taparia as she helps to match hopeful singles with their life partner. The show gives us a more in-depth look into what goes into the matchmaking process and the role it plays in Indian culture.

The Singles

Each of the singles on the show has their own stories and complex backgrounds. We have incredibly independent individuals, a divorcee with a child, a Guyanese woman who embraces her Indian culture wholeheartedly, a college counselor with a dark past, and so many more.


Despite the show being a significant hit on Netflix, it did face a lot of criticism. The caste system is a huge part of Indian culture, and Indian Matchmaking shows the unfortunate reality of the matchmaking process. Colourism is another considerable part of the matchmaking process in India. When watching the show, you’ll notice how many times Sima mentions people being “fair.” In India, colourism is a huge problem, and in marriage, it presents itself that “fair” individuals are more desirable.

Our Thoughts Overall

Even though the show has some problematic sentiments it was definitely an interesting watch. It combines reality TV and documentary film making that explores Indian culture honestly without filtering itself for western society. We love how the show follows different people with different lifestyles. All the singles aren’t just from India either and that helps us compare and contrast the lifestyles between the American and Indian singles. If you’re looking to learn more about this part of Indian culture then make sure to check this show out and let us know your thoughts!

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