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The Relationship Between Corporate Video and Industry Specific Video

Contrary to popular opinion, corporate video and industry specific video are not the same.

While corporate video is an umbrella term for literally all sorts of video pertaining to a corporation, company, brand, or professional entity, an industry-specific video is used particularly for a certain area of the public or private sector.

The Relationship Between Corporate Video and Industry Specific Video
Photo credit: ffela via / CC BY-NC-SA

We’ve shot a wide range of industry-specific corporate videos over the years. From real estate to food to interior design, we’ve worked side-by-side with our clients to create informative videos that show audiences the ins and outs of that particular job sector.

Strong industry videos typically feature one key subject who is knowledgeable of the job, culture, and climate. He or she is usually filmed while in action. A lot of these sorts of videos (especially service videos) feature a series fo close-ups to give audiences a real sense what it’s like to do that particular type of work.

Take, for example, this corporate video we’ve done in the past for a restaurant. We showcase the work both behind and in front of the kitchen, the culture of happy customers and workers, and put the food on display. We’ve also featured workers and customers, having them state their experiences as both a customer and cook or waiter/waitress.

This isn’t too far off from corporate video itself. Often, corporate video will also highlight the culture, corporate landscape, and show employees doing the job itself. But it’s also an umbrella term that can be used for corporate interviews, company addresses, and video marketing. It’s safe to say that industry-specific video does fall under corporate video, but it is a lot less varying in degree.

Here at Key West Video, we specialize in a wide range of video production. Whether you’re in search of a production company that shoots industry-specific video or more generic corporate video, we do it all. Contact us for a quote today!

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