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Instagram is one of the top social media sites out there, but with Tik Tok coming for its crown, it introduced “Instagram Reels”. Instagram reels are short videos similar to what you’d find on Tik Tok but part of Instagram’s platform. The Reels are shorter than the IGTV videos as they only last 15 seconds long.

What Can You Do With Reels?

Instagram reels vs. tik tok

Reels combine audio clips and creative editing tools to put together fun creative videos. You can trim audio, use effects, and access Instagram’s sticker library. You can also create your own audio clips and that others can then use to create other content. You can then share the Reels to your profile, your story, or the explore page!

How are Reels Different from Tik Tok?

Instagram Reels is actually very similar to Tik Tok in a lot of ways. Everything is very similar except for the fact that Instagram has other functionalities aside from short videos. For example, Instagram offers general picture sharing and long-form video sharing via IGTV. Instagram is missing one of the key functionalities of Tik Tok which is the “For You” Page, which is a feed on Tik Tok that shows users content based on an algorithm, potentially causing creators to go viral. Reels do try to mimic this feature by highlighting users on their explore page, but it hasn’t quite matched up with Tik Tok as of yet.

How Can I Use Instagram Reels for My Business?

You may be wondering how Reels, like Tik Tok, will be useful for your business. However, making use of Reels is really important if you want to grow your Instagram page. You can share educational content like tutorials on Reels. Do you make recipes or show people how to edit videos? Do that on Reels! If you have new products in your line coming out, come up with a fun way to show off those products on reels. You can even vlog and post fun updates to engage with your audience.

Instagram reels
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Have you started using Instagram Reels for your business? What kind of content have you created? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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