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Why Instagram Is Such A Big Deal For Corporate Video Production

As we embrace social media more and more, it’s no wonder we’ve turned to solidifying a digital presence. Instagram is no exception.

The past few years have shown us that public social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Snapchat are so much more than avenues for social acceptance. If taken seriously (and strategically), social media platforms can be used to widen conversations that brands struggle to have with diverse audiences, and reach them in ways they’d never before thought possible.

Why Instagram Is Such A Big Deal For Corporate Video Production
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As Instagram rose in popularity, it only made sense that it would catch any online marketer’s eye.

A recent post on Mashable highlighted how much Instagram users with massive followings actually earn per post. It’s not a secret that those with followers in the hundreds of thousands are paid to promote things such as events, products, causes, or services. As popular Instagram accounts rose, so did the market potential for specific products and services. Companies began to approach Instagrammers for business marketing opportunities (similar in concept to YouTube) for things like detox teas, hair and beauty products, and clothing lines. Even photographers saw the potential to really showcase their work and find potential modeling partnerships.

But the question then became: how exactly does one tap into this hidden market gem?

Well, to put it quite simply, you ask.

Now, imagine this: what if more and more companies took the time to really understand their audience? By targeting posts, using hashtags, and posting at optimal times, brands could stand to benefit from previously untouchable audiences.

But if you’re a company who isn’t breaking grounds on social media (or doesn’t have the funding to invest time into market research), one option is to just pay those who already have a significant following to do it for you. Are you a beauty brand looking to cater to specific darker skin tones? Contact beauty vloggers Instagrammers with followings in the high hundreds of thousands (or even millions). It can literally be that simple.

Alas, the plot thickens. You are not limited to photography. What if you were able to not only get a photo onto a popular Instagram account but a video, too?

How would that work?

Since Instagram introduced video, a multitude of well-known brands used their previously established audience to capitalize on the app’s then-new technology. The results were phenomenal. Major companies were receiving plays in the thousands. Users were finding content through hashtags and profile notifications. As the app improved, companies were able to see not only who was ‘liking’ the videos, but also the actual number of views. Instagram video became a hit.

In comparison to YouTube (which is becoming arguably more and more crowded), Instagram is an excellent way to showcase attractive video and images in an aesthetically-pleasing, curated way. Here at Key West Video, we specialize in creating enticing video content that will grab a viewer’s attention. For more info on the services we provide, visit our website today!

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