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Instagram recently made changes to its video feature. Brands now have more leeway to create longer and possibly more compelling content.

5 Reasons Why Instagram is Stellar for Business







Instagram is slowly becoming one of the leading apps for visual corporate marketing. Here we’ve listed some of the reasons why:

It’s Progressive

Apps constantly ricochet off of the success of others in attempts to stay relevant. More often than not, this means more leeway for users, resulting in added content features. Younger audiences will appreciate that their favourite brand is up-to-date and cares enough to keep up with the times.

It Shows Personality

Instagram is finally giving companies a chance to explore their creative side. Even for B2B and B2C companies, consumers need to know what the company they’re purchasing from is all about. Companies and consumers are, at the end of the day, people. Any company video that can successfully execute a creative video campaign while marketing its product(s) or services is a company video well done.

It Shows You Care

If you think about it, Instagram videos can be considered a form of guerrilla marketing. It involves little to no cost, and can be as simple as shooting a creative behind-the-scenes at a company event. It’s also extremely interpersonal, with the opportunity to connect directly with consumers. With Instagram video marketing, it’s all about the creative direction as opposed to production value (although HQ video doesn’t hurt either). Overall, it shows you care more about the message resonating with your audience more than you do about marketing at them.

It’s Attention-Grabbing

Who isn’t enthralled by Instagram video? Even the dullest of videos get replays if the content is compelling enough. It’s also a lot more interactive than a simple, well-filtered photo. Now, for at least 15 seconds (or the full 60 if you’re good), you can have someone’s complete and undivided attention. Take advantage of it.

Creative Storytelling

Instagram gives you the liberty of posting literally anything you want. You’re not bogged down by ad regulations, restrictions or corporate allegiances (at least for the most part). You can use popular Instagram users. You can showcase a funny incident with a strong captioned message. You can go on a cool adventure with a GoPro. The sky’s the limit.

What will you create in one minute? Check out this cool post on how some brands are taking advantage of Instagram’s video feature.

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