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Interactive video marketing is gradually becoming the future of marketing with video. It allows customers to engage in an on-demand fashion while providing highly accurate data about their video experience.

Interactive Video Marketing
Interactive Video Marketing

What is Interactive Video Marketing?

Interactive Video Marketing can take many forms. The simplest explanation is a #DigitalVideo that supports user interaction through gestures, voice, touch, and clicks. Users can interact inside the video itself by playing with game-like experiences, filling out forms, or following along with interactive tutorials.

But interactive video marketing can be many things. Interactive video can be shoppable, allowing the user to make purchases within the video; it can be educational, enabling the user to follow a tutorial or complete an HR training; it can be used for marketing, capturing customers’ attention by offering choices; or it can simply act as a source of entertainment, driving deeper engagement through branching video and microsites.

Interactive Video Marketing allows the customer to take charge of what it is they are watching. By using interactive video, your clients can control the way in which they consume your marketing content. Which, in turn, allows you to offer them a customized and personalized method of engaging that also allows them to obtain the information they’re looking for faster. These videos allow viewers to make selections based on their interests, thereby providing you with data on what it is they are most interested in, as well as how you can get them to the most relevant information.

Many interactive tools incorporate a variety of different elements and story paths so as to provide the viewer with a different experience each time. If interesting enough, customers will tend to engage with the interactive video on more than one occasion so as to view different outcomes and experiment with various story paths. In this fashion, an interactive experience can be an excellent way to promote your brand/product through word of mouth. Those who have a good, engaging experience with your interactive video marketing tool are more likely to share it with others.

What good is an excellent marketing tool if it cannot provide you with data? Interaction with video allows you to view a more detailed path of your audience interaction that a typical online video would. Since there are different options, interactive video marketing can track what your customers want to learn about and how it is they are going about obtaining this information. As viewers interact with the video, marketers can use their responses to accumulate information about audience interests, enabling them to follow-up with more relevant content going forward, and potentially even help inform the selling process.

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