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Internal Corporate Videos are a unique way of communicating with your team. Working remotely has become a growing trend over the years, and maintaining connections within the company has grown in difficulty.

This is where internal corporate videos come in to save the day. They can be used to communicate the company’s values, send seasonal updates, provide training, and show employee appreciation!

Company Values

The key to a cohesive team is making sure everyone is on the same page. An internal video that communicates the company’s value is a great way to share this valuable information. As new talent gets onboarded, showing them a company values video gives them a great look into what their new place of work stands for.

Seasonal Updates

If your employees are working remotely or working on flex schedules, it may be challenging to provide a formal update to them all at once. A great alternative to this is to make a video for seasonal updates. A seasonal update could include discussing sales goals, stats from the previous quarter, or even as simple as wishing your team happy holidays.

Training Videos

Training videos are a great internal communication tool. New and old employees alike can learn new skills and practices on their own time and get complete experiences. Training videos are more an engaging medium than PowerPoint slides and a presentation. Check out this video we did for Monte Carlo Inns!

Employee Appreciation

Another excellent use for internal videos is an employee appreciation video. Appreciating employees is known to boost productivity and enhance workplace morale. At the end of the year or quarterly, put together a short video to recognize your top-performing employees!

Internal corporate videos have a plethora of uses, and these are just a few of them. Contact Key West Video today and let us put together an internal video for your business!

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