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Video is a tool we all use to relate to our world. We watch a clip of our niece’s birthday party in Alberta. A funny dog video is something we share online. At work, we talk about memes. We use video all the time in our personal lives, so why wouldn’t we use it as part of our professional lives? Internal video is the future of business communications.

Internal Branding

Branding is typically talked about in reference to the public-facing image of a company, but there’s also internal branding. Internal branding is an extension of external branding. The way a company represents itself through employees in the workplace should mirror the values and mission statement the company presents to the public. Ideally, a business wants employees to live the company brand at work. A great way to define and reinforce internal branding is through video.

Effective Use of Internal Video

internal video
A message from the boss can make employees feel like more than a number

Long gone are the days when the big boss sat in an office on the top floor and was talked about in whispers but never seen. Video is a effective way for a busy CEO to relate to their workforce. Use video to send out company-wide announcements about the new pay structure, but also use it to send out a holiday greeting or an atta boy so employees know you care.

Even if you don’t want to be on-camera, there are plenty of ways to use video internally. In fact, it’s a good idea to tailor the video type to your message. A software walk-through for a new employee needs shots of the program being used. A training video for customer interaction could show employees at work in simulated situations. Safety videos make sense when they feature equipment used in case of emergency.

Internal Video is a Time-Saver

There are so many advantages to using internal video, starting with its ability to save time. Let’s use a welcome video that gives some general and specific information necessary for all new employees as an example. Rather than giving the same speech over and over, just update your welcome video occasionally and you’re all set. Now, nobody is taking time out of their busy day to walk a new person through an established process. As for the newbie, they won’t feel rushed or anxious about their first day on the job. They can take the time to pause a video and review anything that’s unclear. If they still have questions after watching the video, it’s likely those queries will be focused and limited.

internal video
A video address can across time zones

Video is a great way to reach everyone, no matter where they work.  Employees in different locations, different time zones, and on different schedules can be hard to reach as a group. Try sending a pre-recorded video message or hold a town hall meeting using live streaming. In both instances, every worker has the opportunity to draw from the same presentation.

Knowledge Sharing

Video facilitates knowledge sharing and gets everyone on the same page. From policy updates to meetings to the new fridge in the common room, a video means all employees are getting the same information. Is everyone filling out an expense report differently? Fix that problem with a video that clearly shows the correct steps and saves your finance team hours of frustration and overtime.

Video can help you avoid knowledge attrition. If you make one video that contains all the necessary information about a process in your business, you’re potentially heading off future issues. As humans, we’re error-prone and forgetful. An employee might forget to share a couple of things when training a new hire, then that person forgets a couple things when they train the next new hire, and so on. A few employees down the road, you have a new hire that only knows a fraction of the job. Cover your bases with a comprehensive training video and follow-up with worker support.

Show Your Personality

internal video
Internal videos can be more informal

Inject your video with some personality. With internal video, you can really have fun! Celebrate a company milestone or a holiday with a skit or a music video spoof—we’ve been asked to produce our fair share of both over the years. Nothing boosts morale like seeing the boss don a silly wig and get down with the work crew. Because this video is for employees only, you can include inside jokes and capitalize on what makes your workplace unique.

Case Study–Deloitte TV Network

Deloitte is a huge company with over 244,400 professionals working in 150 countries. How do you promote engagement across such a large and diverse workforce? Enter Deloitte TV Network, a space dedicated to connecting employees and executives on a more personal level.

Deloitte TV Network has been a massive success at every level of the organization. The page consists of tabs representing company-related topics, such as Global, Brand, and Community. There’s also a separate channel that features CEOs offering advice and sharing personal anecdotes. All of this is serving to put a human touch on a structure that could otherwise be overly-corporate and cold.

You’re the Boss

Internal video can be whatever you need it to be. From training videos to anniversary celebrations, Key West Video can help you deliver your message in an engaging format. Call us today for a free quote.

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