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3 Reasons Why You Don't Need The Internet For Your Corporate Video

The internet is a great home for a lot of content.

But is the internet absolutely necessary in getting your message across?

We all know the benefits of the world wide web. It’s the hub and home to all things: information, entertainment (heck, infotainment), and everything in between. It’s where we go to look things up and share things we find interesting. It’s our go-to for relaxing and work.

But for some corporate companies, it isn’t even necessary.

Here us out.

As big as the internet is, it isn’t the be-all-end-all for corporate companies. Depending on their primary demographic and consumer base, older companies might find that it doesn’t help them as much as it would a newer company.

3 Reasons Why You Don't Need The Internet For Your Corporate Video
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If you’re the type of company that’s been around pre-internet era, then here are some reasons why it might not be ideal for you.


A lot of companies that have been around for awhile have accumulated a strong, loyal following. And quite often, this can mean seniors. Companies that have been around for decades have a strong understanding of who their target demographic is. This means that they’ve had to find ways to reach that target demographic long before the interwebs. Whether you’ve always targeted seniors or the nuclear family unit pre-www era, chances are your target demo has grown with you, and you with them. How will you continue to reach them?


Which leads us to our next point: the audience. Differing slightly from demographic, audience is the ones who you continue to reach on a rolling basis. It’s important to understand how they consume media. Is it through commercials? Radio ads? Billboards? Are you a company that appeals to older truck drivers? Senior homes? Understanding who your product or service is intended for makes reaching them a lot easier.

Potential Higher Production Value

When it comes to marketing on television (as opposed to online), not only is there potential for a wider audience; it might even have a higher production value, as well. Yes, online media is becoming increasingly high-tech with high definition video and 4K resolution, but so is television. The difference? More eyes tune into larger screens – larger screens that are offline, too.

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