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You’ve decided you want an animation and you’ve looked up top video production companies. You find Key West Video and you decide that you want to approach Key West Video for a Key West Video Animation!

We get several requests daily, and a lot of our prospective clients say the same thing “I’ve never done an animation before, and I have no idea how to get started.” Look no further. This blog post is going to be of help.

The Type of Animation

The best place to start when you decide you want an animation is deciding what type of animation you want. Whiteboard? Explainer? Chalkboard? Here’s a quick breakdown of all the available animations you could make:

The Concept

You’ve decided on the type of animation you want, and now you need to look into a concept. If you contact us, we’d be happy to put together an idea for you, but if you come prepared with a concept that speeds up the process.

The Script

You have the concept, now what? Decide how long you want your animation to be. We typically recommend no longer than 3 minutes, but depending on the concept a longer animation may be necessary. Key West Video can use the script you’ve put together, help you edit a script you’ve put together, or put together a script for you from scratch.

The Process

We have the concept, we’ve decided on length and the script has either been made or you’ve decided you want Key West Video to write the script for you. Here’s our process:

Pre – Production

This is where we’ll write your script. If you’re providing us with a script the the next step is for us to put together a storyboard! The storyboard is a visual representation of what the animation will look like without the animated bits.


At this stage you can choose from our large roster of Voiceover Talent to convey your message the way you want!

Post Production

This is where the animation begins. Our editors will work tirelessly to provide you with as many drafts as needed until we get your animation right! This includes adding in some music, and sound effects to really round out the animation.


At this point, the process is complete! You’ll receive your animation ready for a high-res download!

What are you waiting for? Get your Key West Video Animation today!

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