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Key West Video: A Trusted Source for all Your Corporate Video Production Needs

Key West Video
The Keywest Team On-Set

The Key West Video team has been producing videos which solve our client’s problems for over twenty-five years. From dramatic #training to event highlights, we have worked on any type or style of corporate video that you can imagine. The reason we have so many trusted clients, who keep coming back, is due to these factors;


Due to the lowered cost it takes to establish a production company these days, virtually anyone with a #DSLR and a website can set-up a business. However, a professional and experienced staff are not formulated overnight. It is exactly this professionalism, from arriving on-time, being overly-prepared, and able to tackle any circumstance, that sets Key West Video apart from the rest.

High Quality Equipment

When it comes to tools, it is important that you are working with a company that will provide you with the best equipment for your specific circumstances. #ProductionCraft states in their blog regarding the Top 5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Video Production Company, “If you are shopping video production rates find out what exactly is being included in your package so that that you can compare across the board”. Deciding on a company based upon the lowest rate isn’t the best solution. You need a partner that will provide you with fair rates for quality equipment. At Key West Video we don’t try to up-sell our clients, we simply provide them with a quote for what they need, and then tell them about other options if they wish to raise the production value of their video.

Experienced Staff

It is not only the equipment itself, but how you use it, that truly makes a difference. Nothing can compare to the value an experienced #videographer, #editor, or #producer, can bring to your project. Clients often like to throw things at us last minute, such as adding an additional scope to the project, or changing their needs. It is our knowledge of the industry, our experience on-set, as well as in the office, and dealing with similar situations, which allow us to think on our feet and always stay ahead of our clients needs.

Excellent Customer Service

Amazing #CustomerService is something that Key West Video prides itself on. One of the ways we do this is through being as flexible as possible for our clients. When a potential client calls us for a videographer for that day, we will do everything we can to book them in. When we have multiple clients who wish to book a shoot on the same day, we look to one of our trusted freelancers to help get the job done. And when a client has an extremely tight deadline and needs a quick editing turn around time, we work around the clock to get it done.

At Key West Video, We Solve Our Clients Problems With Amazing Video

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