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2013 Through the Eyes of  the Keywest Video Team

January: At the start of 2013 Keywest kicked off the new year with the launch of a fresh design to https://www. Although tweaks and adjustments have been made all throughout 2013, it was in this first month when the new style of the website took form and went live. We think it’s important to continually optimize our website and make sure we are always looking for ways to improve the site for ourselves, and of course our clients.

keywest video February: It was in February when we produced a video for one of Keywest’s friends Renaldo Gairy, highlighting his personal training company Way2Fit. Renaldo is a well known body builder, and uses his personal expertise in order to help others reach their physical goals. The final product was not only an excellent depiction of Renaldo’s personal training abilities and fitness knowledge, but also an indication of his personality and success rate with his clients.

March: We acquired a new Producer/Project Manager. Her name is Shivani if you don’t already know her, and she is wonderful. Shivani is talented in many ways, and has improved various aspects of Keywest’s business. From her exceptional organizational and management skills, to her flare for web design, and very handy technical knowledge, Shivani is a valuable asset to the team and we are all thrilled to have her.

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April: We continued to develop our relationship with NABS (The National Advertising Benevolent Society), which is a great organization that supports those in the marketing and communications industry who are facing a difficult time, due to illness, injury, unemployment or the like. NABS is a non-profit which approached Keywest several years ago, and since then we have donated multiple live action and animation videos in order to help spread the message about their cause. In April we created this testimonial video for them.

May: We utilized a remote controlled helicopter for the first time on one of our clients shoots where they wanted to get aerial footage of their building in downtown Toronto. We had been wanting to use a drone for some time, knowing its capacity for cost effective aerial shots, and the results were everything we ourselves and the client expected, and more! We continue to recommend this route to our clients who are interested in getting a different point of view that is sure to impress audiences and create a truly professional corporate video.

keywest video June: We are proud to say that Huawei Canada has chosen Keywest Video to produce several of their video projects over the past year and a half. In June of this year we were very happy to once again be working with the Huawei team, this time on the production of a promotional video commemorating the company’s fifth year on Canadian soil, which was to be shown at their event commemorating the occasion. Returning clients show us that our commitment to customer service and the quality of our productions is really paying off.

July: We added another amazing team member to our roster of talent. Hiram is a 2D and 3D motion graphics animator. He loves what he does & we love him for that. Hiram has increased the quality of animation work that Keywest produces, and is always ready with fresh and interesting new ideas to aid our clients’ videos. Hiram has been working on a number of different projects over the past few months and looks forward to what lays ahead in 2014.

keywest videoAugust: This was the month when Keywest completed several promotional videos for Century 21 Aberwin Realty. They wanted to showcase their agents, and emphasize that their team was “smarter, bolder, faster” then the rest. The Keywest team was delighted to work on the project, as the real estate market is one that we have wanted to tap into for some time. Since this project, we have produced videos for a Remax brokerage, and have had several meetings with other agents and brokerages across the GTA and beyond.

September: In September we produced our first weekly video blog. Since then we have been creating video blogs on a wide array of topics, and plan on continuing this throughout 2014. We have found video blogs a great way to reach out to those with similar interests who want to learn a bit more about the corporate video production industry, are interested in getting a video for their own company, or simply find the content interesting. We are happy to share our knowledge at Keywest, and we hope that these video blogs have been a useful asset for our viewers.

keywest videoOctober: Although weekly video blogs were something that we just started producing the previous month, holiday videos were a Keywest Video classic. In previous years though, December was the month where we really ramped up our game and created a cute/silly video to share with our clients, vendors and friends. But due to our recent commitment to make videos for our own use on a regular basis, we had decided that each and every holiday should have its own special Keywest holiday video. This gem was the result.

November: November started out like any other month, but half way through it seemed as though every client we were speaking with wanted to film on the last week of the month. We ended up having two shoots booked almost every day on that last week of November. There was a lot of extra planning and organization involved to ensure that everything went smoothly and without a hitch. In the end no equipment was lost, all of the footage looked great, and our clients were truly satisfied that we were able to work around their schedules. We proved a lot to ourselves this month.

keywest videoDecember: This was a busy month for us. There were quite a few shoots, lots of editing, both live action and animation, and of course the holiday’s create a busy atmosphere with holiday parties and endless amounts of fruit cake. But in between it all we managed to produce another holiday video, to add a little extra cheer to the month. While many in our office groaned about the prospect of lip synching, doing the can-can and blowing fake snow into the camera, I think it was all worth it. If you haven’t already seen it please take a look!

Happy New Year from everyone here at Keywest Video!

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