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Resumes are your calling card when you reply to jobs. It can be an overwhelming experience to have to put all of your notable achievements and expertise on a single piece of paper. We browsed the web for the best advice to help you put together the resume that will help you land your dream job.

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Tailor the Resume to the Job You’re Applying To

Tailoring your resume may seem extremely time consuming, but make sure you do it. Don’t send in a resume for a finance position talking about your roles as a creative writer. Tailoring your resume to ensure that the most relevant experience is what’s present is sure to make more of an impact.

CAR Method

The CAR Method stands for context, action, and results. When you speak about your work experience, make sure you provide enough context so that the employer knows the role you played in the organization. However, don’t spend too much time on that. Talk about the actions you took to produce results. For example, did you facilitate a campaign that boosted sales by 10%? These are things worth mentioning.

Show your Well-Roundedness

Just because we told you not to include creative writing in your finance resume doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add that as a particular skill somewhere on the page. Show recruiters your well-roundedness. Having a wide range of hard and soft skills make you more of an asset to any team!

Make it Eye Catching

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Recruiters and hiring managers look through hundreds of resumes all day, every day. Make sure you keep your resume exciting but still professional. There are various templates available online tailored to a wide variety of professions.


When you apply for jobs through portals, sometimes your resume doesn’t go to a person right away. Most of the time, it gets automatically filtered for specific keywords. Your best shot at getting past the robots and in front of a hiring manager is based mainly on the keywords you use.

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Resumes can be a really overwhelming task but we hope these tips made your life a little bit easier! Do you have any resume tips? Leave them in the comments!

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