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How Often Should You Launch A Corporate Video Campaign?

Corporate companies often have a tough time deciding when the best time to launch a video campaign is.

Should you wait until the New Year? What about next season? Should your video campaign launch depend on trends? And what about socio-political or environmental phenomenon?

How Often Should You Launch A Corporate Video Campaign?

Finding the right time to launch can be tough enough, so it’s no wonder why companies grapple with the frequency of their video campaigns. After all, how much is too much? Will consumers get annoyed with an inundation of corporate video messages?

One thing to keep in mind is the social cycle of your brand. By this, we mean that if you are a company that offers an everyday service or product that is used by the average consumer, it might be wise to align your video campaigns with consumerist needs. For example, if you’re a small department store looking to market, say, outdoor equipment, it might be best to introduce a campaign during the spring and summer months. If you’re a scholastic or academic brand, introducing a new line of scholarly items (such as school supplies or new fall wear) might be better introduced in July or August.

But if you’re a brand that is building up towards a particular major event (such as a major fundraiser or set deadline), then you might have to get creative with your campaign. Depending on how much of a timeline you’ve given yourself, you can introduce a weekly video campaign to keep audiences engaged and interested in building up your product. It gives you ample time to get your message across, as well as keep an active dialogue going about your product/service. Users aren’t being saturated with new content every day, and are given enough time to process a video they might’ve seen last week. A week gives users enough to become familiar with content but not get bored or annoyed.

Alternatively, if your major event is an end-of-year occurence, preparing a year-long campaign isn’t a bad idea either. Of course, weekly videos are not only not ideal, there’s also incredibly tough to execute. With that being said, a monthly video campaign might be more feasible and advantageous to a major corporation looking to build momentum for an event.

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