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It’s strange how in 2020, this is a conversation we still have to have. Over the last few months, so many issues around racism as a whole have come to the forefront. We wanted to make a post that can help you facilitate a conversation about racism in your personal and workspaces. This post is by no means a comprehensive guide to being anti-racist, but we hope it provides you with an excellent place to start.

We’ve all heard about the police brutality and the “Karens” of the internet, but there are celebrities and public figures who have expressed racist remarks recently. Desean Jackson and his anti-semitic posts on Instagram, Cardi B using a racist slur to describe her sister, and Nick Cannon getting let go due to his anti-semitic comments.

Have the conversations

Social media has become a great place to have conversations about race and speak about injustices. However, it’s important to carry those conversations offline as well. Explore your own internal biases and call those out in your life who have made racist remarks in the past.


A great way to learn about racial inequality and injustice is to do your own learning. There are a plethora of documentaries, articles and great books that can give you valuable insight.

When we educate ourselves and seek out the correct information, we are one step closer to addressing our own racial biases.

Take More Action

The third step and sometimes the hardest step for people is to take more action. This can include signing petitions, attending protests, and applying pressure on policymakers. You may think to yourself that one person won’t make a difference, but to fight racial inequality, every person counts.


Take a look at your company, your promotional material, the media you consume. How diverse are these environments? Inclusivity is necessary if we’re going to break down racial barriers. Not to mention that there are actually several benefits of having a diverse workforce. If you’re casting for your next project, make sure your cast looks as diverse as the world is!

Racism isn’t a new or trending topic. It’s an ongoing battle that the world continues to face. Our goal isn’t to be “colour blind.” We want to see the world for al the beautiful colours there are. We want to see it, accept it, and embrace it. Most importantly we want a world where every race is treated equally.

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