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Corporate Video: Why Lighting Matters So Much

Don’t believe what they tell you – lighting is everything.

Corporate Video: Why Lighting Matters So Much

Despite what you may have thought, lighting can make or break your corporate video. You, a consumer of media (and probably a selfie-taker), should know the importance of good lighting. It highlights our best facial features and hides our loathed imperfections. It complements who we are.


The key is your primary source of lighting. Assuming you’re doing an interview (or something to that effect requiring the use of a static subject on camera), you will need a powerful light to pick up your interviewee. Many camera operators and cinematographers will state that the best area to place the key is roughly 45 degrees either side of the camera. However, because it is such a bright source, it will undoubtedly cause facial shadowing. Keys must be counter-balanced with other sources, such as the following:


The fill is on the opposite side of the key light, is also situated roughly 45 degrees from the camera. While sometimes it is impossible to eradicate all traces of facial shadowing, the fill serves to eliminate as much shadowing as possible.

Back Light

The back is the source that goes, well, at the back.  It helps your subject matter stand out from the background. It is all too easy for your on-camera talent to become a ‘part of the background,’ making it imperative that the subject matter doesn’t disappear into the scenery.

Diffused and Direct Lighting

For dramatic effect, direct light is the best way to go. More often than not, many corporate clients find that diffused – light that requires a gel or diffuser – is the best way to go for informational and training videos, as well as interviews. Gels and diffusers reflect softly and less harshly on the subject.

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