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Clients who are new to video often want to know more about the process. At Key West Video, we do our best to explain every step to create confidence and comfort. We value clear and open communication and we understand that hiring a video production company for the first time can be intimidating. That’s why we’re dedicating this blog to the life cycle of a live-action video. We’ll lay out each step and show that working with an experienced video production company that uses an established method makes the whole idea of producing a video much easier to imagine.

STAGE ONE: Pre-Production

The first step of a live-video production lasts one to two weeks and is called pre-production. This is when you meet with a Key West Video producer to discuss and finalize the concept for your video. We’ll gather information from you, which may come in the form of a creative brief you give us or we may provide a questionnaire. This is how we find out the specifics of what will be needed to produce the video and we’ll of course offer our expert opinion on how best to achieve your goals.

Now that we have a better idea of what your video will look like, we can start to form a strategy. A shot list will be created as part of planning and a script (written by us or you) will be finalized. Some videos will include a storyboard, while others need only a shot list. We’ll ask you to provide logos, graphics, and a style guide so our editors can make your video match the rest of your marketing materials. Once all the above has been approved, we’re ready to move ahead with the live-action production.

STAGE TWO: Production

Every production is different, so stage two can last anywhere from half a day to many days. During production, we’re following through on the shot list that was made in stage one. Our talented camera operators shoot at our in-house studio, in the field, or at your place of business. It’s also possible we’re shooting at a combination of locations. Shoot days will follow the established idea and direction that’s been agreed upon during pre-production. But our shooters are also great at capturing the kind of on-the-fly footage that make videos special. If they see the opportunity to show off your business or service, they’ll capture those images. Depending on the project, a producer may or may not be needed during shoots. Whether or not they are there, they have communicated with the camera operator to make sure everyone is on the same page.

STAGE THREE: Post-Production

With all the footage in the can, we can move on to stage three. During post-production, the footage is ingested into our editing system. The editors take that footage and weave it into a story. The live-action video is cut into sound bites and b-roll and strung together. Editors have the tools to add all sorts of extras to the raw footage that enhance the final video. That may include a voice-over, graphics, text, animation, and music. They can also use any footage you may have provided.

Once an editor has created a first draft, the client will be sent a review link. As a client, your job is to watch the video and make notes of any changes you’d like. The producer you’re working with will facilitate communication on any adjustments. This process continues until the client is completely satisfied with the final video. This timing of this process can vary, based on the size of the project and the number of requested changes. A project’s deadline often drives the total amount of time spent in stage three.

STAGE FOUR: Delivery

Now we’re nearing the finish line! The video has been finalized and all that’s left is delivery. How we deliver your files is really up to you. We can cater to the format that best suits your intended use of the video—will it be a social media video or are you showing it at your company AGM? It’s also possible we’re delivering several live-action videos in different formats. We do a quality check on our end, but we also want the client to do a final review of delivered files to make sure everything looks and sounds perfect.

That’s a Wrap!

Now you know what it takes to create a live-action video with Key West Video. We like to think the process is fairly painless for the client because it’s our job to make it that way. Our team act as video tour guides, here to answer any questions and lead you through the process of video production. If you still have questions about how we produce live-action videos, give us a call.

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