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Live Event Videography: What Are The Benefits?

A lot of companies make live appearances at conferences, conventions, and shows.

And often, they have booths – both private and public – showcasing their product. By making these live appearances, they are able to advertise their product and increase their outreach to a multitude of people at once.

Here at Key West Video, we specialize in creating content that is easily accessible to your viewers. Whether it’s a live corporate event or a taped one, we make sure our clients are happy with high-quality video.

One of the things we’ve noticed when we head out to corporate events is the lack of adequate video coverage. Company organizers and corporate sponsors are only now investing more into quality footage of live events.

Consider this a reminder: invest in a proper videography company. Like us.

Not only do you want to be able to recollect your employees live and in action, you also want to use this for in-house marketing. Companies are typically represented at networking events by a few representatives (often HR). Much of what they do goes unnoticed company-wide. By having an event video, a company is able to distribute footage across the different departments in order to promote employee participation in live events.

If you’re a smaller company, live videography is still important. It gives you the opportunity to expand your platform via online streaming. Smaller (and often younger) companies can benefit from reaching tech-savvy audiences through online streams and give them “insider access”.

Ideally, apps like Snapchat, Periscope, and Blab are able to do something similar, but for professional, high-quality video, it is best to go with a professional video operating company. High definition cameras with a high resolution, give that extra “oomf” to otherwise grainy footage.

Live event streaming means your audience is wholly engaged. They’ve made the deliberate decision to tune in.

When it comes to creating exceptional video quality, Key West Video has what you need. Visit our website and check out our portfolio today!

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