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Live Streaming for the Win

Live streaming is the next big thing in online marketing. You can speak directly to your audience with targetted messaging while spreading brand awareness. It’s a good time to be live.

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Live streaming is digital communication, content promotion, and content consumption all at once. It’s one of the most sincere ways to connect with an audience. Viewers get that personal touch, especially if you’re targetting your audience. This approach can still be corporate in a branding sense, but it feels connected in the human sense.

Live Streaming for the Win
Stream content live to make an announcement

There are so many ways to stream content live. Have a real conversation with your audience, answering questions about products or talking about how the business came to be. Make a special announcement and let your viewer in on the latest and greatest developments. Live events like press conferences and performances are custom-made to stream content live. All of these ideas make the viewer feel involved, informed and excited about your company.

Live Streaming on Social Media

Many social media sites have enabled the option to stream content live due to growing demand. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube all have live content streaming options. Facebook Live not only has the ability to deliver a large viewing audience, but it also lets you track how many people are watching and what they’re saying. Turn to Twitter Live to capture moments. Rather than streaming an entire lecture, use Twitter like you would without video—to spontaneously comment on what you’re seeing. Posting an Instagram Story has a sort of exclusive vibe, due to the fact that the story disappears after the viewer has screened it. This is a casual platform, so chat with viewers like you would a friend.

Live Streaming Bonus

Live Streaming for the Win
Live streaming demographics are widespread and diverse

Good news: everybody, everywhere is watching live content. Better news: these viewers are an active bunch! Live content watchers like to engage in simultaneous activities. That means while they’re watching your product launch, they may also be tweeting about it or searching your website. Viewers are engaging with you and they’re helping spread the word.


If you’re interested in trying your hand at streaming content live and need some help with content, give us a call at Key West Video. We can send your message out to the masses.

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