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Types of Corporate Video: Which One Should You Be Using?

Sometimes our clients aren’t sure what types of corporate content they should be putting out.

If you’re like most progressive companies, you’re looking for ways to increase your online reach. Creating corporate videos are one way to engage your audience in an interesting, visually compelling way. But what types of video should you be using?

A lot of non-creative companies find themselves at odds with the type of content they want. After all, it can be hard to decipher the best way to showcase your product or service when you’ve never had to create a video clip, write a script, or reach out to a production company like us.

We’ve got you covered.

If you’re ever at odds with the kind of corporate video you want, consider the following types of professional video:

The Explainer Video

The ‘explainer’ video (otherwise known as a video tutorial) is a powerful visual tool that can be used to get to the nitty gritty of your product or service. With compelling visuals, quick shots, time-lapses, and enticing voiceover, any brand can turn an otherwise dull instructional video into a highly intriguing explainer video.

The Product/Service Overview

An overview can supplement an explainer video, or stand alone. Generally, overview videos ‘review’ your product or service. They show your audience how to use your brand and show how user-friendly it is. Practicality is essential when introducing new product.

The Presentation

Another type of corporate video is the presentation video. A lot of times, this means a corporate video production company will attend a live presentation. Whether it is live-streamed or recorded and edited later, larger corporations benefit from video showing the inner-workings of the corporate community. It’s also a direct way to spread company knowledge to its viewership – especially when it comes directly from the source.

The Event Coverage

Event coverage is an easy way to expand viewership and create interesting content. Event coverage is almost always entertaining, with high energy and fast cutaways. They’re meant to show the fun in corporate climates.

The Testimonial

Nothing beats a good testimonial. Usually coming from customers, testimonials are a powerful tool meant to boost the credibility of your company. They are a direct way of showing off the results of your product or service, and can sway unsure buyers into choosing you. Testimonials from high-profile guests, valued customers, or those with social media pull can greatly elevate your presence both on and offline.

The Interview

Lastly, we have the interview. Like the presentation, this type of corporate video gives audiences information directly from the source. But unlike the presentation, the interview can either be a lot more (or less) formal. It’s also a lot more personal, giving your audience an up-close view of what employees have to say.

Here at Key West Video, we do all types of corporate video. We work with our clients to ensure their corporate visual needs are met. Visit our website for more information on our services today!

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