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Marketing Brands: All 5 Senses Through Corporate Video

The Five Senses

You’d be surprised at just how many companies are simply unaware of the importance our five senses have on their potential clients. They are equally unaware of how sensory marketing can affect their current customers. While it is important to generate a pleasing aesthetic, sometimes this simply isn’t enough.

Here at Key West Video, we like to think that our clients deserve the best quality work that money can buy. Going above and beyond with our services like video production and animation, our mission is to ensure our clients are receiving just a little more than our very best.

Advertising in our day and age strives to make an emotional appeal to its viewers. We want to feel how a product will change our day-to-day activity – not just see it. We want to know how a certain service will impact our quality of life – not just hear about it. We want assurance that by spending money on a certain brand, company or organization, we are making a worthy investment.

Thankfully, technology today allows us to do just that.

According to marketing expert Martin Lindstrom, brands should be connecting with their audiences through all their senses. Here are some ways we can connect our senses with corporate video:


Sight is probably the most obvious sense of the five. It’s a vital marketing tool that affects the way we visually interpret brands. Think sports commercials: brands like Nike and Adidas often use high-speed action, athletes wearing sports equipment, and fast-paced camera shots to get our attention. Our brains subconsciously match sight with feeling, even if we don’t fully understand what it is we’re looking at. Nike does a great job of creating that “cool” factor. We don’t actually know what Just Do It” means, but we certainly get the idea that it’s cool to mimic the commercials (or maybe that’s just us).


A close second is sound. Many of us recognize distinct companies by their jingles, soundbites, or specific clips.“Brands with music that ‘fit’ their brand identity are 96 percent likelier to prompt memory recall,” says Lindstrom. Sound helps “dull” visuals beef up their effect by adding a sense of familiarity to what we see. Sound is also strong enough to tell a story all on its own.

Sense of Smell

Smell is a bit tricky; in corporate video advertising, it depends on what the viewer interprets after seeing or hearing something. It also has the power to evoke memories. Lindstrom states that “test results have shown a 40 percent improvement in our mood when we’re exposed to a pleasant fragrance—particularly if the fragrance taps into a joyful memory”. He might be on to something. Our sense of smell is powerful enough to attract or repel us.


Another interesting sense is touch. Like smell, touch also depends on visual and audio elements for it to work effectively. We can get an idea of how something will feel by the way it is presented to us.

Sense of Taste

This sense is usually stimulated most when we view images of food or beverages. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to appeal to this sense when you’re not a food or beverage company. It depends a lot on sight and sound to get an idea of what something will actually taste like.

Key West Video Inc. is an award winning corporate video production company in Toronto. Check out how we stimulate the senses!

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