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Laughter for Humour in Marketing

Humour is a memorable way to promote your brand. When the big ads play in the Super Bowl each year, which ones do you remember? Exactly. Using marketing humour  could mean you’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Marketing Humour – Simple is Best

When it comes to promoting a product and evoking a laugh, keep it simple. If you have to explain the joke, it’s not working. Humour is based on shared experience, so make sure nobody is left scratching their head. Utilize an everyday situation or something that’s familiar.

Consider Your Audience

Laughter is the Goal of Marketing Humour
What’s funny to your target market?

Humour is subjective, so consider your target market. Is there anyone in that group that could be offended by the joke you’re making? Addressing a narrow, specialized market can really play to your advantage if you use insider humour. Medical professionals might enjoy that pharmaceutical spoof, while insurance providers are all about the policy pun.

Speaking of puns, try to avoid the cheesy ones. And the Dad jokes. Unless that’s your angle. Anything that makes people groan is probably not a good thing. You don’t want the humour to detract from your message or interrupt the flow of your promotion. If the audience remembers the bad joke and nothing else, you’re off message.

Dying is easy, comedy is hard.

Funny isn’t easy. Just ask Edmund Kean. However, humour can establish likability and trust if the viewer has a positive reaction. Self-deprecating humour can be endearing and humanizing for your brand.

If you’re in advertising, good candidates for marketing humour include existing clients with whom you’ve already established trust. They may be open to pushing the envelope and trying something new. Small and young companies also tend to be more receptive to brand experimentation. They have fewer levels of approval and may not have an already-established (non-humourous) branding style.

Knock, Knock its Marketing Humour

If you think marketing humour might work for you, don’t be afraid to give it a try! At Key West Video, we work with your ideas to create an end product that will make you smile. Call us today and see if we can tickle your funny bone.

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