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Marketing Strategies and Memes in the Corporate World

Corporate companies have been known to hop onto popular trends when creating a new marketing strategy. But what about memes?

Memes have become a huge part of our Millennial culture. We’ve seen more companies go to greater lengths to reach younger audiences. Now with the influence of memes, it’s hard to say whether these internet mimicries will infiltrate the corporate marketing world.

In case you were wondering what a meme is, it functions as a popular element of our culture or behaviour that’s passed along from one person to another.

In our current social media age, Internet memes have done just that, often reflecting popular trends, news, and nostalgic references.

Here we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when deliberating if you should use memes.


You’ve heard us talk about the importance of knowing your audience before, but here’s another reminder. If you’re still reading this, your target audience is probably Generation Y and younger. Knowing your audience then becomes a bit more strategic; you’re no longer targeting an age group, you’re targeting people based on their interests. Sports fans. Music fans of multiple genres. Fandoms of various shows and movies. The whole shebang. Make sure you understand who you’re speaking to.

Social Media Trends

When it comes to memes, timing is of utmost importance. Unless your meme content is strong (or memorable enough) to stand alone, memes are almost always made right after a popular event. Twitter is infamous for using the popular ‘Crying Jordan’ meme for sports events and awards shows. More specifically, it’s often photoshopped onto the face of someone who’s experienced a loss of some degree.

For example, when the Golden State Warriors lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals, the Crying Jordan meme was instantaneously photoshopped onto Steph Curry’s body and spread across the Twitterverse.

Marketing Strategies and Memes in the Corporate World
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Nothing screams embarrassing more than an outdated meme. The content must be relevant. The subject of your meme should be easily recognizable by a multitude of people. Only then will it resonate and spread. Memes are most effective when they reflect current or recent events and go viral through social media.

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