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Your marketing strategy may not be capitalizing on the benefits of corporate video like it should be.

Although many marketing campaigns include video, perhaps in the form of television commercial campaigns, they don’t always capitalize on the online benefits of corporate video. There are three main ways in which corporate video can improve your marketing strategy – it’s shareable, versatile, and SEO-friendly.


Having a marketing strategy comprised of elements that are easy to share is key in a world where social media rules. Although many people may come across your television commercial and it may indeed garner millions of views, there is no shareable element involved. However, with websites like Vimeo, YouTube, Vine, and Instagram, you can make and share your videos easily. Using these platforms to share your corporate video will dramatically increase your followers and exposure, garnering the attention of your target market at no additional charge (besides the actual production cost, of course). Making your marketing strategy shareable allows you to reach a much wider audience.


The beauty of incorporating video into your marketing strategy is that it can be re-purposed. Any video can be used for multiple different projects over a reasonable period of time (you don’t want to showcase an old video). Even if your video was intended to be produced with a single use, the raw footage can always be re-edited and turned into something new. Try to obtain the raw footage for all of your projects so that you can keep a library that’s always ready for the next big video project.


SEO, SEO, SEO – it’s all you seem to hear about these days. And once again, your marketing strategy is nothing without good #SEO. #Google’s algorithms favour video content and it can be a great asset when it comes to boosting your #OrganicSearch ranking.

“Climbing the search rank ladder with your corporate video is no different than running a text based ad campaign. It all comes down to using the right key words in the title of your video, and making sure your keyword choices are in harmony with the rest of your website.” –

If you’re considering #CorporateVideo for your next #MarketingStrategy or campaign, contact Keywest today!

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