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Ever Thought Of A Mashup Video For Your Corporate Campaign?

If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your company’s brand, why not try a video mashup?

But in order to make a video mashup, you must be clear on what it is, first.

It is a combination of pre-existing videos that sometimes don’t correlate (unless to make a point). They can take the form of music video mashups, political mashups, trailer mashups, supercut mashups, and web application video mashups.

If your brand is looking for an enticing way to get attention, consider what kind of video to do. If your company deals with a lot of media, this could be a great way to garner attention. Specifically, if you’re an entertainment agency or sound studio looking to expand your brand, this could be one cool way of combining clients’ music in order to reach a broader audience. One great example is this YouTube dub account that compiled President Obama’s speeches to match Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk song:

Video mashups mix content together to create a fun viewing experience. For mixed media companies, this could mean mashing up all types fo content: past videos, typography, photography – you name it.

If you’re a longstanding company whose content is more on the corporate side, it could simply be a nostalgic mashup of past commercials and advertisements. Bigger corporations like McDonald’s and or Wal-Mart have an advantage when it comes to curating content for mashups. For smaller companies, it might be worth mashing up your product with a popular media trend.

Ever Thought Of A Mashup Video For Your Corporate Campaign?
Photo credit: qthomasbower via / CC BY-SA

For tech-savvy companies, web application video mashups are also a viable option. Combining app videos allows you to draw comparisons. You can also make a statement about your product, or other apps in general.

Here at Key West Video, we pride ourselves at staying at the forefront of existing technologies and new video trends. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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