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Method Case Study


Method is a web-based application for QuickBooks which gives individuals the ability to manage all of their business needs in one location. It is fully customizable, which differentiates it from other web applications, and it has real-time synchronization. Method contacted Key West Video with a need for a web video that would be integrated into their website, to showcase their product to potential customers.

In taking on this project the first thing our team thought about was the platform that the video would be displayed on. When doing a website video we knew that customers online want answers as quickly and concisely as possible, and they do not have time to waste on a video that is not engaging.

The next major thing we thought about was the goal behind this video. Method is an online software company which needed tutorials to explain their product and guide customers through the software. So we needed to create a video that helped viewers realize the potential of the product, and how it would benefit them in as simple of a way as possible, while also showcasing the intricacies of the software and all the functions it has available.

To complete the above two processes, we knew that the video would have to utilize a good deal of animation to make the product come alive. Animating small and large details and making sure the content was presented in the best way possible, can be a time consuming and challenging project, but we were up for the challenge!


For the video, we decided to utilize dynamic screenshots that would be animated to move around and zoom into specific aspects of the software, so viewers attention would be drawn to the product as a whole, as well as specific details which were important to highlight. Through this movement, it made a static screen come to life and focused the attention of the viewer onto what needed to stand out.

Also, through this movement which focused on certain details, we were able to simplify a complex and elaborate software which allows individuals to completely customize the design, layout, and functions of the application. Therefore potential clients viewing the website for the first time could understand how to utilize the software to their best advantage.

The editor here at Key West Video did a fantastic job at being very detail oriented in terms of making sure the animation proceeded flawlessly and worked well with the content. The material is presented on screen flowed together and therefore makes viewers attention focused on the content of the video and not the animation itself.

Please take a look at this video which showcases parts of the final video for Method Integration, along with a testimonial from one of their associates.

“Everything that we asked for you did and then some. Even if we changed what we wanted after you’d started production on it, you still changed it for us, and you always still made us feel like we were number one”. “You went above and beyond what was requested”.

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Business Development Associate
Method Integration

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Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Method Case Study
Key West Video Inc. – Corporate Video Blog -Method Case Study

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