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Mosino app explainer backpage

Today is international virtual assistants day. We’re unsure if that means virtual assistants are being celebrated or we’re celebrating all the help virtual assistants provide? Either way, it gives us an excuse to look at an explainer we did for our client’s Mosino app. We promoted their all-in-one hospitality platform with the story of Karen.

Storytelling in the Mosino App

To illustrate all the features and benefits of the Mosino app, we wrote a script using a character called Karen. This animated traveler is introduced at the start of the video. By the twelve second mark, the audience knows Karen is on vacation, she’s going to a hotel with good reviews, and she’s using the Mosino app to make her stay more convenient and enjoyable. In a very short amount of time, we’ve given a viewer all the information they need to understand what the video is about and how the information will be presented.

Product Capability

Mosino app on phone, tablet, and monitor
Showing off the cross-platform capability

One of our client’s objectives was to show the cross-platform capability of their app. Throughout the video, we see Karen using her phone to book appointments, make requests, and share information. This is how most hotel guests will use Mosino. However, we also see Karen use a tablet and get information from a tv screen. Instead of listing these platforms as options, we show Karen interacting with each device. Every time Karen uses her phone or another platform, the viewer sees the information as it would be displayed in real life. This mix of animation and graphics gives the app a familiar feel that facilitates user experience when the app is downloaded.

Target Market

The Mosino app is marketed to hotels. Purchasing officers and hotel employees are the ones who need to understand the benefits of using Mosino. Not only do we see how this service makes Karen’s life easier, but we also see hotel employees using the app to help them perform better. The video highlights how the spa manager can up-sell a service Karen has booked, we see hotel employees communicate with each other for increased efficiency, and we witness Karen alert staff to her needs. All of these examples relate to the ways the app can assist with overall hotel management.

Additional Benefits

animated character looks at Mosino app on phone
“Karen” using the Mosino app

Using a character to sell a product or service is different than using an icon-based animation. With Karen, the audience should be able to see themselves in the featured scenarios. We’re showcasing the benefits of the Mosino app by taking the viewer through actions they’ll recognize. To keep the audience in the story, we don’t like to break out of character to list additional benefits. Instead, we wrote the important information about security features and cloud capability into the script in a way that was natural. The flow of the video remains uninterrupted and all the relevant information is provided.

Summary of Mosino App

The Mosino app video ends with a summary of how the product is useful for hotels. We start with our star, Karen, by pointing out that a happy customer leads to good reviews, return visits, and increased business. Then we move on to the hotel staff and talk about increased efficiency, good morale, and overall cost savings. It all adds up to better business. The last shot of the video acts as a CTA with the Mosino logo, url, and where you can buy the product.

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