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Motivation in Marketing Takes Work

What motivates you? Perhaps it’s basic need fulfillment, like hunger or thirst. Maybe it’s something less primal and more personal, like the goal of running a marathon. Whatever the case, motivation is the force that leads to action. If you’re looking to motivate a customer or client, it’s helpful to understand the forces at work in motivation and marketing.

Three Major Motivation Components

The first component of motivation is activation. This is the initial step taken; the one that puts a plan in motion. Let’s stick with the idea of training for a marathon. The activation could be running every other day, or joining a running club. Now you’ve got the ball rolling!

Next comes persistence. This part of the process keeps you on track after the first week. Persistence drives you to train while on vacation or when the weather is nasty. It’s the effort made to continue adding miles and taking the steps necessary to reach your ultimate goal. Persistence is considered the most onerous part of the motivation equation because it takes time and energy.

Finally, there is intensity. While one person may find training for a marathon relatively easy, another person may struggle. The intensity demanded of the runner who struggles is greater. More physical and mental discipline is needed to succeed.

Motivation and Marketing consist of activation, persistence and intensity
Motivation consists of Activation, Persistence and Intensity

Motivation and Marketing for Your TM

One of the most effective ways to motivate your target market is to appeal to them emotionally. Often, benefits outsell features when it comes to motivation. The consumer needs to understand how your product works, but what they really want to know is what it will do for them. If you can make the consumer see herself in your example, you’re on the right track.

Another approach is to promote exclusivity. It feels good to be part of the “in” crowd. A customer who feels your product is tailored to them, and overall to an elite group, self-identifies as special.

A more controversial approach to motivation in marketing is something called FUD. This acronym stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. FUD worms its way into a consumer’s mind, convincing them that a competitor’s products are inferior or bad.

Crossing the Finish Line

Marketing and Motivation can be used to achieve goals
Use motivation to achieve goals

Motivation can be biological, emotional, social, cognitive, or all of the above. Taking the first step in the process is the only way to eventually cross the finish line. If you’d like help motivating your customers, give Key West Video a call and let’s reach your goal together.

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